Thursday, January 20, 2011

the horse and the greyhound

One day, the greyhound said to the horse, "Would you like to come over"?

 The horse said" yes" .
3 2 1 the horse got there.
 " man wasn't i fast" said  the horse.
 " yup but not as fast as me" said the greyhound.
"oh really"
 "yeah really"
 "okay if you think your sooo fast then lets have a race!" said the horse.
" okay"said the greyhound.
 . . . ."LOSER"!!!!said the horse.
 "ugh" said the greyhound.
" Moron" said the horse quietly .

"i will race you to that pole" said the horse

" pfft e-see," said the greyhound

when they got to the race both of them thought they were gonna win. 
 READY SET GO!!!!!!!! the caller said as he flew the flag. by accsident he dropped the flag on the horse.  the horse got hurt. when he removed the flag from his eyes he saw the greyhound half way there! he said i am hurt but i must move on!! so the horse ran he he got so scared he closed his eyes while he was running when he opend his eyes he saw the greyhound already there lauhing ha ha ha you did NOT win ha ha ha ha the horse was so mad he ran away no one could ever find him ever again!!

                                                             THE END!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fairy tales and fables

Fables and Fairy tales have similarities and differences. Fairy tales and fables are stories. They are both imaganary.Animals talk in fables.Fairy tales are magical because the thing that happen could not happen in real life.There are some differences to.Like, fables always have a moral.Morals are like lessons like don't lie.I'm just saying.Only sometimes fairy tales have morals.Fables have animals that talk.Fairy tales have royal people.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Science story

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" yelled Taylor.

When I heard her screaming I quickly ranto see."What? What?"I asked.

I thought she was in the breezeway but then I saw her outside so I quickly ran outside.When I was outside I saw that the rain was red! It smelled like cabbage and acid!I knew exactly who did this!Ringo & George! They always did scientific stuff.

I looked over over my fence and saw them dumping baking soda, a base, in their turtle sandbox.I knew that when the acid from the rain meets the base there will reaction.first it will turn red from the acid. it will feel fizzy because of the carbondioxide.then it will turn purple as they neutralize each other.Finally it will turn blue when the reaction is over.

"I think I will take a very long hot bath." said Taylor.

"Don't touch the walls." I told her.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


PennyRock is a wonderful town. They have lots of cool stuff like . . .


                                                                           Spa :)  


                                                                                         Cafe,  yum!


                           Mall,  my fave place   


                                                  School :)


                                              Horse stable 


                             And the dog  park :) 

And all the people that  live at PennyRock

PS. A who are you calling  silly!